Aug 07

India: NGO educates farmers about good farming practices

Keywords: India , NGO , farmer , pesticide , fertilizer , farming The government running centres and universities are not helping farmers in addressing their issues. But an NGO dedicated to farmers has come to their rescue from the problems. This NGO is

Aug 07

Ministry of Agriculture released the first half of 2017 national agricultural product quality and safety routine monitoring (risk monitoring) information

According to the provisions of the Law on Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products and the Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Work Arrangement of Food Safety in 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture organized

Aug 04

University of Nebraska-Lincoln leads research into heat-tolerant crops

Keywords: Wheat , rice , crop , heat-tolerant crop Harkamal Walia is an associate professor of agronomy and horticulture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has been awarded a $5.78 million National Science Foundation grant to explore the affects o

Aug 04

Hubei: agricultural industry to carry out the poverty alleviation “beam”

Hubei is the main battlefield of the national poverty alleviation, there are Dabie Mountain, Wuling Mountain, Qinba Mountain, Mogu Mountain 4 concentrated contiguous areas, 37 poor counties (of which 25 poor counties), 4821 poor villages, 5.9 million poor

Aug 03

China’s NATESC warns about worsening harm by second-generation cotton bollworms

Keywords: cotton bollworm , cotton planting areas , China On 5 July, 2017, the National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Center (NATESC) of China updated a piece of information. It says the volume of left first-generation cotton bollworms in most regions

Aug 02

The hybrid alternative for Africa

Keywords: Hybrid rice , Africa , AfricaRice Africa has tremendous agricultural potential. It is often described as a continent of paradoxes. Rice statistics reveal one such paradox. The continent’s average rice yields, estimated at about 2 tons per he

Aug 02

China’s demand and other factors to stimulate the Brazilian soybean acreage record high

According to Safra & Mercado, Brazilian soybean acreage in 2017/18 season will hit a record high of 33.7 million hectares, according to Brazil's Economic Value Report on July 25. However, the impact of unfavorable climatic factors, Brazil's national s

Aug 01

Cold weather impact wheat crop in Paraguay and Brazil

Keywords: Paraguay , Brazil , wheat , crop Two weeks ago the wheat crop in Paraguay was severely damaged by very cold temperatures that were as low as -6°C (21°F). These were the coldest temperatures registered in areas of Paraguay since 1975. Accord

Jul 31

EU slashes corn crop forecast

Keywords: EU , crop , corn , import In the European Union the European Commission cut its forecast for 2017-18 corn crop  by nearly 4 million tonnes to a five-year low. While they raise projected imports of the grain to a record level. Usable productio

Jul 28

In the air and on the ground: Experts discuss the future of drones, robotics in agriculture

Keywords: Drones , robotics , agriculture Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and other robotic vehicles are no longer seen as toys for hobbyists. They are becoming an important tools for the future of agriculture. However many people still have questions