Chinese Shiitake Mushroom Logs

Chinese Shiitake Mushroom Logs

With Agrinoon and its carefully selected raw materials that are used for growing mushrooms, you can we encourage customers to buy Shiitake Spawns from us which cater to the highest quality. We also offer different growing mediums to the customers for selling products in the local market. Our offerings allow you get the highest quality spawn for better yield and it can be customized according to the requirements. You can take a look at the products we offer for growing mushrooms and the offering of Mushroom Logs For Sale shows the excellence of cultivation.

We guarantee the highest-quality of Chinese Shiitake Logs & Shiitake Logs. Buy Shiitake Mushroom Spawn/Logs at best price.

Offerings for the Customers

Our company is known for growing Shiitake Mushroom Logs in environment-friendly conditions. The premium quality of products when combined with our knowledge of cultivating mushroom allows the customers obtain the best quality products. We have successfully proved the worth of growing mushrooms in the best mediums and extensive growth has been reflected in all kinds of spawns we sell in the market. For Shiitake Mushroom Spawn you can get in touch with us today and our comprehensive products will help you save time and energy.

What are our mushroom Logs / Compost?

  • Our mushroom Logs/Composts containing growing media/substrate inoculated with mushroom spawn. The white/brown material inside the bags is the “mycelium”, which has “colonized” the growing media/substrate. These bags are kept in the “spawn room” until fully colonized, and then be ready to ship to our customers. You can harvest the 1st flush/crop in about 7-11 days after the bags arrived at you.
  • So what you need to do is-—import mushroom logs from us, and manage to grow fresh mushroom and sell to your local customers, we will teach you how to grow step by step, which will help to save your 80% time and energy.
  • Our mushroom logs are high yield, stable quality, high biological conversion rate and with the comprehensive after-sales service.

Specification of Chinese Shiitake Mushroom Logs :

  • Product name

    Shiitake mushroom spawn,Chinese Shiitake Mushroom Logs

  • Size

    10*40cm (Diameter*Length) or or can be customized

  • Weight/log

    About 1.6kg-1.7kg

  • Color


  • Shelf Life

    3-5 month

  • Anticipated yield


Mushroom Fruiting environmental requirements:

  • Features

    Variable-temperature seed/Strain, temperature difference stimulation about 8 to 10 degree.

  • Temperature

    5–25°C, 15–18°C optimal

  • Humidity/log


  • CO2


  • Lighting

    500-1500 (lux)

Other information for shiitake mushroom:

Shiitake Mushroom Nutritions (*/100g)

  • Protein


  • Fat


  • Soluble non-nitrogen compounds


  • Dietary fiber


  • Vitamin B1


  • Vitamin B2


  • Vitamin C


  • Vitamin D2


  • Vitamin E


  • That


  • P


  • K


  • Iron


Common Name:


Botanical Name:

Lentinula edodes


Shiitake has been revered in Asia for thousands of years as health care food, Which is rich in protein, low in fat. it is considered as “King of the mushroom”. This mushroom contains complete kinds of amino acids, multivitamin, and polysaccharide.


  • Shiitake mushroom has the effects of preventing and curing cancer, raising immunity, defending senescence and prolonging life, reducing blood fat, treating high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol.
  • Shiitake is used medically for many diseases involving diabetes, tuberculosis, infectious hepatitis, neuritis.
  • Shiitake can help to improve dyspepsia, regulate the disease of constipation.

Shiitake have some strong selling points, the caps, 2-5cm inches in diameter, have a chewy texture and a full-bodied aromatic flavor. They are low in calories and low in fat.

After the shiitake harvest, they can be consumable by different types: fresh, dried, in brined, made into shiitake powder and extract as the medical use, which has the big and potential market in all over the world!

Production Processes

  • Bagging

  • High Pressure Steriligation

  • 100 Class Purification

  • Cooling

  • Automatic Inoculation

  • Finish Inoculation

  • Cultivation

  • Fruiting

  • Packing


Relying on the team

The managers and technicians of the company are extremely professional in handling the work of farming and the procedures in the factory along with warehouse management. Our Chinese Shiitake Logs are low priced and we have positioned ourselves as one of the leaders with the best infrastructure of growing mushrooms. With us, you will come to know about mushroom fruiting and its different environmental requirements, the process of cooling and inoculation which caters to the standard of safety. For more inquiry please contact us.