Nov 30

How to grow your own shiitake mushrooms on logs

Q: I love mushrooms and heard that shiitake mushrooms can be grown on logs in my backyard. Do you know anything about that? – Phil from Campbell Hall A: Happy Spring, Phil. Yes, I do know something about growing mushrooms on logs. In fact, Cornell

Nov 08

Brtonigla Mushroom Days Attract Domestic and Foreign Guests

As Glas Istre/Luka Jelavic writes on the 28th of October, 2019 twelve mushroom associations with more than two hundred mushrooms, mostly from Istria and other parts of Croatia (Karlovac, Rijeka, Sesvete), Slovenia (Sežana) and Italy (Muggia, Vicenza, T

Nov 06

Kurdistan To Begin Exporting Mushrooms, Calls For Govt Ban On Imports

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region —The Kurdistan Region is due to begin exporting mushrooms, another sign of a boom in domestic produce and self-reliance, according to the KRG’s agriculture ministry. According to data from the KRG Agriculture and Water Resourc

Sep 11

Soybean rust may appear later this year in Southern Brazil

Nearly 10,000 farmers in Ernakulam district were severely affected by the heavy south-west monsoon, while crop losses were put at around ₹1,28 bln (€16,13 mln). According to the Department of Agriculture, nearly 3,000 hectares of farmland were affecte

Sep 10

The Future of Farming? No Sun, No Soil, But Lots of Data

Humans have farmed for thousands of years, but do we have any idea what we’re doing? Maybe not, said David Rosenberg, co-founder and CEO of AeroFarms, the U.S.-based vertical farming start-up, speaking at the Fortune Global Sustainability Forum in Yu

Sep 09

First pea genome to help improve crops of the future

A global team including scientists from The University of Western Australia has assembled the first genome of the field pea, which provides insight into how the legume evolved and will help aid future improvements of the crop. The study, published today

Sep 06

Researchers design salt-tolerant varieties of Indian rice

During the summer monsoon season this year, many regions of India saw spells of floods and droughts. In a country that predominantly depends on rain for irrigation, loss of crops due to such disruptive weather continues to be a source of distress to farme

Sep 05

Plant gene discovery could help reduce fertilizer pollution in waterways

BTI researchers used Brachypodium distachyon (left) and Medicago truncatula (right) to discover the roles of two genes in root colonization by symbiotic fungi. Over-fertilization of agricultural fields is a huge environmental problem. Excess phosphorus

Sep 04

Secrets of the perfect seed – and its vulnerability to future climate change

An incredible transition occurs in plants after flowering and successful pollination that has long fascinated those working in plant biology and crop production. In most species, the developing and maturing seed would initially be killed by drying just as

Sep 03

Argentine soybean: the better option for the Chinese feed industry, but with a limited offer

It is supposed that forced by the trade war with the US, the Asian giant will redirect its purchases to the Mercosur soybean offer, and, that is probably that a minor share of the purchases is soybean meal from Argentina. But from JCI China they show skep