Soybean rust may appear later this year in Southern Brazil

Nearly 10,000 farmers in Ernakulam district were severely affected by the heavy south-west monsoon, while crop losses were put at around ₹1,28 bln (€16,13 mln). According to the Department of Agriculture, nearly 3,000 hectares of farmland were affected.

The crops that were damaged include banana, pineapple, ginger, turmeric, tapioca, rubber, coconut, paddy, pepper, areca nut, and nutmeg. Banana plantations sustained most losses.

Incidentally, the crop is a major source of revenue for farmers, especially in the run-up to Onam. It is estimated that nearly 1,6 mln bunched plants were destroyed. Losses suffered by banana farmers in the district are estimated to be in the vicinity of ₹1 bln (€12,6 mln).

A farmer from Kalady said the rain had played havoc with major crops, especially bananas. Nutmeg farmers also reported heavy losses. According to the Agriculture Department, 7,000 nutmeg trees were affected.

Vegetable farmers too suffered severe losses. The estimated area under vegetable cultivation affected by rain is nearly 200 hectares. Pineapple farmers at Muvattupuzha and nearby areas reported crop losses and the setting in of rot disease and deformation of fruits owing to rain.

Source: freshplaza