Oyster Mushroom Spawn

Best Quality Oyster Mushroom Spawn

Agrinoon is one of the most reliable companies offering Oyster Mushroom Spawn to the customers worldwide and it is known for exporting the products to different countries. The company believes in offering quality products to the clients and the production process is elaborate and comprehensive. The spawns and logs that we offer to the clients are manufactured in the safest environment and the size of the products is customized according to the requirements of the clients. Whether it is automatic inoculation, cooling or bagging, we have vast knowledge and experience in supplying the spawns.

We guarantee the highest-quality of Oyster mushroom spawn & oyster mushroom logs. Buy Oyster Mushroom Spawn from AGRINOON (FUJIAN) ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE COMPANY LIMITED at best price.

Facilities of the company

We have a research institute and state-of-the-art factory for growing mushroom and organic vegetables. The concept of economical agriculture that we have brought has shown the right way to the other suppliers in this sphere. You can get a glimpse of the agricultural garden that we have built in Youxi County and Guifeng Village and the farmland spread over an area of hundred acres. We also offer Oyster Mushroom Spawn For Sale and the prices are extremely affordable. The laboratory within the factory is well equipped and built to serve multiple functions with a packing and baking workshop and warehouse.

Establishing the base

We have strict testing procedures for transportation, packing, inspection and storage and every department follows the stringent rules with diligence. The company has an accomplished base in the market and customers can buy after checking, the size, color and weight of the products that we sell. With Agrinoon you will enjoy the hands-on experience of farming as we allow the customers fulfill the targets with ease. Call us today to know about mushroom growing and spawns.

Specification Oyster Mushroom Spawn:

  • Product name

    Oyster mushroom spawn, Oyster mushroom logs

  • Size

    17 * 33cm (Diameter * Length) or can be customized

  • Weight/log

    About 1.8kg

  • Color


Production Processes

  • Bagging

  • High Pressure Steriligation

  • 100 Class Purification

  • Cooling

  • Automatic Inoculation

  • Finish Inoculation

  • Cultivation

  • Fruiting

  • Packing