Zimbabwe: Farmers encouraged to grow hybrid vegetable varieties

Keywords: Zimbabwe , Prime Seed Company , Hybrid , Vegetable , Open pollinated varieties
Farmers have been encouraged to grow hybrid seeds rather than open pollinated varieties (OPVs) in order to increase yields and market value for their crops.

Speaking on the sidelines of a field day at UCF Farm in Bulawayo on Friday, Prime Seed Company regional sales representative Mr Casim Bisalom said hybrid seeds have better yields.

“As Prime Seed we are encouraging farmers to grow hybrid seeds for a better market and yields. Farming is a business so farmers should not just grow crops for the sake of it. They should make profit. So, for them to make profit they should be able to have the knowledge of the crop management,” he said.

Prime SeedCo is a subsidiary of SeedCo specialising in vegetable seeds offering profitable solutions to farmers.

Mr Bisalom said that OPVs are not resistant to certain diseases and have lower yields.

“Now is the time for farmers to use hybrid seeds rather than OPVs. They are not good as hybrids because they are not resistant to diseases and have got lower yields. We now want them to use hybrid seeds for them to be viable in farming activities,” said Mr Bisalom.
He said farmers should take horticulture seriously as it plays a crucial role for the economic revival of the country.

Meanwhile, Mr Bisalom said despite the economic challenges in the country they have managed to stay in business as their products were always in demand.