Domestic seeds accounted for 95% of China’s major crop area

Ministry of Agriculture Minister Han Changfu 29, at present China’s major crop independent breeding varieties accounted for 95% of the proportion of rice, wheat are independent breeding varieties, vegetable varieties “foreign seed” share has been five years ago, 20% To 13%.
In the press conference held by the State Council Information Office, Han Changfu said that in recent years, China has adhered to scientific and technological innovation and institutional innovation “two wheels” together, hands to promote the development of seed industry, ethnic seed industry has obvious Variety.


First, seed industry innovation capacity was significantly enhanced. China’s new varieties of seed industry in 2016 filed more than five years ago. Some varieties of corn, water-saving wheat, high-quality soybean varieties to achieve a breakthrough on the breeding of major varieties of independent breeding varieties accounted for 95% of the area, rice, wheat are independent breeding varieties; vegetable varieties, in addition to individual varieties “Foreign seed” market share higher, the “foreign seed” share from five years ago, 20% to 13%.


Second, the development of enterprises significantly enhanced the strength. At present, the top 50 seed companies R & D investment reached 7.4% of sales, new varieties of application rights than five years ago, an increase of 1.2 times. In 2016, the number of seed enterprises in China was reduced by half compared with five years ago, but the net assets of more than 100 million yuan increased by more than 2 times, enterprises began to do bigger and stronger, small seed industry, scattered, chaotic state improved significantly.


Third, seed production and species support capacity significantly enhanced. Farmers are engaged in the past, now China has established Gansu, Sichuan, Hainan three breeding base, the construction of 53 seed county as the backbone, 49 regional base for the supplement of the seed base.


Fourth, according to the law significantly enhance the ability to monitor. Seed law system to further improve the agricultural sector to carry out counterfeiting operations, the implementation of principal-agent business, the establishment of large seed industry platform, covering all the seed business and seed stores, to achieve traceability of seed regulation.


He said that the next step, China will highlight the green, high-quality, the direction of the festival, highlighting the international competitiveness of enterprises, so that national seed industry can be strong.