Growing China Shiitake Log the Correct Way

Worldwide one of the widely popular mushrooms is the Shiitake type. This is an incredible mushroom and can be grown with less effort. You will be amazed to note how mushrooms boost the immune system by relying on polysaccharides. The human body becomes better equipped to combat cancers. The toadstools can also lead to the stabilization of blood pressure.

Certain Tips

Mushrooms are beneficial for the human body. They are also delicious to consume. They have the ability to enhance nutritional content and flavor. Obtain a fruitful yield by opting for the China shiitake log.

  • Gain An Insight

As soon as you receive the products, soak them in cold water for the entire night. They should remain submerged. At this juncture, you should decide on the site where you want to grow. You can grow them indoors or outdoors. Keep in mind that the mushroom is in a live state inside the bark. From your end, you will require to water it and position it in the shade. Watering through rainfall is preferred, but sprinklers also are a suitable choice. You should soak the bark in cold water after a gap of thirty days if you want to go the indoor way. Cultivate mushrooms extensively with the help of a China shiitake log.

  • All About Inoculation

The moment you inoculate a log, it is an indicator that you are putting the mycelium. This is the tree chosen from where you want the mushrooms to grow. The process is similar to that of planting a seed. The mycelium plays a crucial role in colonizing the log. The stump should be dirt free and dry externally. Do not worry about lichens and moss. Holes should be drilled at a distance of 5-6” apart. The hole drilling should be about 1 ¼ inch into the branch to create air pockets.

  • Spawn Growth

The mycelium is a white growth that you will observe on the cut edge of the barks. This state is an indicator of the spawn run coming to an end. After inoculation, it generally takes around six to nine months to reach this stage. The time span may be longer in the case of larger barks.

·         For Dry Ones

As soon as you cut your stumps, you will find that they will be moisture laden. This is the way the transfer of nutrients takes place from roots to leaves. There is no need to soak them before inoculation. If the stumps appear to be dry, you should soak them for at least twelve hours.

·         Ideal Fruiting

The spawn run would be complete within six to nine months. The time span may be longer for larger logs. The fruiting stage is ready. With the right conditions outside, they will now fruit naturally.

Decide Wisely

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