Develop Awareness about Chinese Shiitake Logs for Inoculation

Are you interested in growing mushrooms? Do you want to earn extra money? Then the perfect answer to attain that goal by cultivating shiitake mushrooms. The delicious fungus offers a wide variety of health benefits. If you adhere to the proper cultivation guidelines, you will end up with a decent supplemental income.

A glance at history

If you want to know the meaning of the word shiitake, you will find its origin in Japanese language. It means umbrella-shaped mushrooms. You are frustrated by the idea of dropping in at any of the specialty stores to get these toadstools. They are way too expensive! You can feel the pinch. You can overcome these issues by cultivating mushrooms at home. Buy stable quality Chinese Shiitake Logsto cut down the risk of fungal contaminants.

  • Making A Choice

During the buying decision, consideration should be about the log size. The diameter of Chinese Shiitake Logs is in the range of three to ten inches. If you want to grow the fungi in an indoor facility, you have to do so under controlled conditions. Harvesting will complete within four months. Of course, you can seek natural logs. On the other hand, you can buy a growing medium. A medium is prepared with a blending of rice hulls and sawdust. The whole process will take a few months to a year. A lot depends upon the type of strain utilized and the weather under which it operates.

  • Appropriate Conditions 

You can grow these mushrooms outdoors. Within two years, you will be able to fill the landscape. You get to choose between evergreen and hardwood. A prudent approach is to avoid wood, filled with lichen. You will need to drill small holes in the branches. Mycelium and chips are placed into these holes. Hot wax is immediately poured on top of the holes. The length of the stump is dependent upon the number of holes you require and the in-between distance you would want to maintain. Pay attention while stacking. The stumps are kept on raised platforms to avoid contamination with other spores.

  • Best Investment

One of the significant benefits of cultivating shiitake mushrooms outdoors is that they do not require extra effort after inoculation. Extra assistance is required during the harvesting time. To retain the moisture, the stumps are kept in stacks. During adverse weather, the branches are covered to curtail the damage. You can earn a neat amount from the cultivation of mushrooms if you undergo training. On the plus side, you will not require to invest in special equipment.

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