Some Tricks to Increase the Production of China Shiitake Log

Good quality logs play a very important role in providing a handsome harvest of shiitake mushrooms. Soon after button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms happens to be the most popular mushroom variety across the world and is a multi billion dollar industry on a global scale. In case the quality of the log is not up to the mark then it can affect the quality of the mushrooms to a huge extent. So increasing the volume of these logs is important for the industry as a whole. Let us see the measures that can help in this context.

Certain Special Trees 

There are a few tree varieties that happen to best quality of china shiitake logs. This is something that understands quite well, which is why we favor certain tree types like the oak and the maple trees. You can get these logs at our shiitake seeds factory. Together they form to be one of the most effective kits that can give rise to a handsome crop of new shiitake mushrooms.

Size Matters

The size of these logs is really quite important. When you look for china shiitake logs their size matters to a great extent. Too big logs can be difficult to handle and to move from one spot to another. However the bigger ones offer a greater amount of potential to provide fresh harvest for three to four ears. Buyers often like to buy different sizes of these los on the basis of the nature of their use. At our shiitake seeds factory you can get a wide variety of such logs. You can choose anyone that you wish and feel is perfect for your exact requirement.

Time of Felling

The time when you fell the trees is of much importance. The time of autumn to winter is the best time to procure the logs. They can come from the branches and also the trunks of the trees. This is the time when the tree does not have to bear fresh flowers, leaves and buds, hence the branches and the stem has a good amount of nutrition in them. These are the logs which when provided with the seeds can provide very handsome and rich harvests.

Fresh Logs

It is always best to procure fresh and newly felled branches and logs from the desired trees so that the manufacturers and the growers of mushrooms can get best base of new and frees batches of mushrooms. It is desirable and used logs are used for the purpose s in that cases their harvest quality can be poor and also the yields can turn out to be poisonous. Often if the log has been subjected to grow other fungi, the log can turn out to be poisonous. Having them can turn out to be really risky as they can get to you sick to various extents of severity.

Procure the Best

To get best quality of mushroom yields it is more than important that the quality of these logs is of the best category. Be careful while buying them to get a great start for your mushroom cultivation.

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