May 21

Wild wheat relative genes to aid in battle against trio of pests

Dr. Shuyu Liu makes a cross between TAM 114 and a wild wheat relative at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research greenhouse near Bushland. Credit: Texas A&M AgriLife photo Wheat curl mite, greenbug and Hessian fly have long been troublemaker pests for T

May 20

Brazil seeks China’s OK for genetically modified sugarcane

Brazil’s agriculture minister will ask Chinese officials on Thursday to greenlight exports to the Asian nation of sugar made from genetically modified (GM) sugarcane, which is expected to be widely used in Brazil in coming years. Minister Tereza Cris

May 17

USDA says grain supplies to remain massive in new crop year

The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Friday forecast bigger-than-expected domestic supplies of corn, soybeans and wheat, with outlooks for big harvests and export concerns underpinning the bearish stocks view. | File photo The U.S. Department of Agricu

May 16

How potatoes could become sun worshippers

A team of biochemists at FAU led by Prof. Dr. Uwe Sonnewald have discovered why potato plants form significantly lower numbers of tubers or sometimes none at all at higher temperatures. A small RNA is responsible for this effect. They have even succeeded

May 15

Is Kenya finally ready for rollout of GM crops?

Some NGOs have opposed the campaign to lift the ban on the basis that Kenya does not conclusively understand the dangers of GMOs and that lifting the ban could open the country to potential risks. PHOTO | SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY The Kenyan Cabinet is over

May 14

India: Huge quantity of illegal cotton seed seized

The illegal supply of Herbicide Tolerant (HT) cotton seed in the State surfaced again after the police busted a gang that ‘smuggled’ this brand of seed from Gandhinagar in Gujarat. On a tip-off, the sleuths of Hyderabad Commissioner’s Task Force No

May 13

New gene metrics eliminate hit-or-miss in emerging rice breeding technologies

Using the new gene metrics in evaluating markers can pave the way for breeders to design better varieties through high-precision breeding programs. Smallholder farmers face an increasingly complex rice production system because of extreme events like dr

May 10

Nigeria approves two GMO cotton varieties to increase output

Nigeria approved two genetically modified varieties of cotton for use by the nation’s farmers to help boost supply to its textile industry and cut lint imports of as much as 115 billion naira ($319 million) a year, officials said. The strains were mo

May 09

Indian scientists develop coloured wheat varieties with many health benefits

Soon you may get fancy eating breads of different colors maybe blue, purple or black. These colourful breads are much healthier than the ‘normal’ yellowish-brown wheat. Agricultural biotechnologists’ team led by Monika Garg at the National Agri-Foo

May 08

Cryptic mutation is cautionary tale for crop gene editing

Without the nubby joints that are normally present on the stems of tomato plants, the fruit is much easier to harvest. However, researchers have discovered how a cryptic mutation can get in the way of this otherwise desirable trait. - Credit: Lippman lab