May 07

Iron-boosting GM wheat trial could help anaemia sufferers, say Norwich crop researchers

White flour made from wheat currently needs to be fortified with iron - but a new crop variety being trialled in Norwich could produce this important nutrient itself. Picture: James Bass Norfolk crop scientists have engineered a genetically-modified (G

May 06

Scientists move a step closer to drought-tolerant soybean variety

Productivity of soybean, an important oilseed crop, is severely affected due to droughts. A team of Indian scientists has now identified genotypes of soybean that can tolerate drought better without comprising on yields. By incorporating the traits which

May 05

Wild barley reveals drought tolerant traits that could improve elite cultivars

A team of scientists from the University of Adelaide, Australian Plant Phenomics Facility and Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg have identified beneficial alleles from wild barley that can be used for improving drought tolerance in barley, in a ne

Apr 30

Astronauts might soon grow SPACE tomatoes

A tomato plant with more edible fruit than biomass could grow on the ISS. Credit: Martha Orozco-Cárdenas/UCR Tiny tomato plants developed at the University of California, Riverside, could one day feed astronauts on the International Space Station. The

Apr 29

India government raises import duty on wheat to support local farmers

India government on Friday raised wheat import duty by a third to 40 per cent to support local farmers from further price fall and prevent its possible import on the back of a growing demand for animal feed in drought hit states including Maharashta, Guja

Apr 26

Research sheds light on genomic features that make plants good candidates for domestication

Left: highly branched plants of teosinte, a wild relative of corn. Right: tiny pods on the vine of Glycine soja, wild relative of soybean. New research sheds light on how domestication affects the genomes of corn and soybeans. Photo by Sherry Flint-Garci

Apr 25

Namibian farmers introduced to new cowpea and sorghum crop varieties

Farmers in Namibia now have new crop varieties of cowpea and sorghum that are more tolerant to drought and pests planted this year, thanks to nuclear technology provided with the support of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Food and Ag

Apr 24

Farmers dip toes into global crop insurance platform

Farmers can now for the first time insure their produce against price volatility as easily as insuring their homes, with a global platform based on hundreds of niche commodity indexes, underwritten by a Lloyd’s of London syndicate. Crop insurance has e

Apr 23

Plant breeding for the future: the time is now

Think about the last food you ate. Maybe it was a meal or maybe you’re snacking on something right now. Have you ever considered the amount of effort that has gone into plant and animal breeding to produce that food? The wheat that was ground into flour

Apr 22

Indian scientists develop salt tolerant rice variety

A group of Indian scientists has developed a new salt-tolerant transgenic rice plant by over-expressing a gene from a wild rice called Porteresia coarctata into the commonly used IR 64 indica rice variety. Porteresia coarctata is a native of India, Sri La