Mushroom cultivators and gardening enthusiasts can grow different types of edible fungi species outdoors on the logs of hardwood trees. If you want to grow them, you need to introduce the fungus via sawdust spawn or plug. Within six months to a year, the fungus will colonize. The same thing happens naturally on fallen trees, but it takes longer. It leads to the growth of multiple species of fungi. Besides, the fungi may not be edible. Now, if you’re going to replicate the process at home, you must learn to take care of the growth media, and we have a few ideas for you.

  1. Remove the Package: Our Mushroom Logs Factory sells products in packages. You have to start by getting rid of the packaging material it. Just avoid removing the date tag or the wax from them. The purpose of the wax is to retain moisture in the inoculation areas. You don’t have to worry about the container because you can use anything you like. It can be a bathtub, a potting tray, a five-gallon bucket, or something similar.
  1. Put it in Water: Now, pour water into the container. Make sure it accommodates the china mushroom logs you buy from us. However, submerge the wood more than six inches. Tap water is good enough for the process, but once you fill it, you should leave the set-up alone for at least twenty-four hours. During this time, the chlorine content of the water will evaporate. If the growth media floats, put an object on it to submerge it completely. Leave it for another day.

  1. Proper Placement: After hydrating the wood for twenty-four hours, we suggest selecting a shady area in your yard. Keep it leaned against a tree or fence with a tree over it. Remember to elevate the timber off the ground by a few inches. Inspect it for moisture content every few weeks to see whether it’s becoming dry. If it feels light, put it back in the water tub for another day. Once the re hydration process is complete, return the wood back under shade.
  1. The Fungi will Bear Fruit: Once the spawn run is over, the mycelium will take about six to twelve months from the date of inoculation to start fruiting. Check the log frequently for the presence of white fibers or hyphae. If you see them running through the ends of the wood, you’ll know that the fruiting process is ongoing.
  1. Sudden Revival: Sometimes, you have to take steps to initiate the procedure of fruiting. You may have to shock the growth media by knocking on one of its ends sharply on solid ground. We describe it as a way of reviving the fungi. After that, submerge the growth media in cold water for another twenty-four hours. Make sure that you use non-chlorinated water.

Time to Harvest

The pinning stage should begin within four to ten days after soaking. Remember that the time frame depends on the environment where you reside. You should be able to harvest the fungi from our logs after five to ten more days. For harvesting, use a sharp blade to cut the fungi from the block of wood. Just slash them from the base. It’s best to harvest the edible fungi once the gills get exposed by the caps are still concave.