Rains slows corn harvest and winter wheat planting in Argentina

Recent rains have slowed the harvest of soybeans and corn in Argentina as well as the planting of the winter wheat crop. According to the Grain Exchange of Buenos Aires, the 2018/19 soybean crop is 99.1% harvested with 150,000 hectares left to harvest in southern Buenos Aires province and in northern Chaco province. In the northern locations, recent rains and localized flooding have delayed the soybean harvest for approximately 15 days.
The corn crop in Argentina is 44.2% harvested which represents an advance of only 1.9% for the week. In the core production areas the corn is 90-95% harvested with 40-60% harvested in southern Argentina and approximately 10% harvested in far northern Argentina.
Crop yields in Argentina are setting records this year. The soybean crop ended very strong with record nationwide yields which the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange grain exchange estimates at 3,370 kg/ha (49.8 bu/ac). The Grain Exchange estimates the running nationwide corn yield at 9,270 kg/ha (142.7 bu/ac) with the yields in the corn production areas at 10,630 kg/ha (163.7 bu/ac).
Farmers in Argentina are expected to plant 6.4 million hectares of wheat and the wheat planting is 49.7% complete. Planting has been delayed by recent wet weather. In many areas of Argentina, June rainfall has been above normal. Even though the rainfall has delayed planting, the benefit of all the rain is that it is providing good soil moisture for the start of the winter wheat crop.