Agricultural products into the city is still difficult

The homogenization of agricultural products is serious, the logistics construction is lagging behind, the rural network business personnel lack, rural network operators infrastructure construction lag … … recently held in the “2017 to promote agriculture and agriculture innovation and development forum and the Chinese network” three rural research “column on the line On, China Network Business Association Fan Yuyu calendar of agricultural products into the city to explore the plight of the market.

According to the relevant statistics, the development of e-commerce of agricultural products, to promote agricultural production, processing, circulation enterprises and e-commerce business docking, 2016 China’s agricultural trade volume exceeded 200 billion yuan. “Obviously, the prospect of online trading of agricultural products can be expected.However, compared to industrial products to the countryside, agricultural products into the city there are many pain points.” Fan Yuyu frankly.

To logistics and distribution, for example, China’s e-commerce research center director Cao Lei said that although many logistics and courier companies to speed up the construction of rural outlets, but because of China’s rural population scattered, poor traffic conditions, some of the more remote rural or poor roads Of the area is excluded from the distribution range.

At the same time, with professional knowledge of the lack of talent is also becoming an obstacle to the development of China’s rural electricity another “stumbling block”. “In China, the collection and analysis of agricultural information is still relatively small, a large part of the information is not effectively developed and used, coupled with the farmers’ own cultural level is relatively limited, limited access to knowledge from the Internet, which also led to part of the rural information The actual role of infrastructure is not fully play out. “Cao Lei said.

However, the training of rural electrician personnel is improving. Fan Zhiyu introduced since the beginning of 2016, Taobao launched the “million talents” project, has been in the country to cultivate the output of 60,000 rural Taobao “village two small” and rural electricity business leaders, and 300,000 rural electrician practitioners.

“At present, long-term inefficient, low-quality, low-grade agricultural production has been unable to meet the increasingly rich people for high-quality, multi-category agricultural demand.” Chinese food newspaper president Huang Guosheng said that to solve this problem need to give full play The role of rural electricity providers. To make rural electric business better and faster development, you need to electricity business enterprises, traditional business enterprises, logistics enterprises to work together.