Anhui Province autumn grain planting area of more than 60 million mu this year

Autumn season, and then welcome harvest. Hebei Province, now the autumn grain has entered the harvest period, all over the country are gradually sickle harvest. According to the Provincial Agricultural Commission agricultural scheduling, this year the province’s autumn grain sown area of more than 60 million mu, more than the previous year to expand. If the late do not appear large natural disasters, compared with last year, is expected to yield and yield of double production trend.
The data show that this year’s autumn grain in the first quarter of about 2900 acres of rice, a larger increase than last year; double late rice, corn reduction; soybean, potato and other increase. Provincial Agricultural Commission relevant person in charge of analysis, autumn grain yield showed a trend, mainly due to planting, management is better, while the disaster lighter than last year. In addition, through the rice green high yield and efficient creation, grain green production mode research, brand food green production technology promotion and service, pest control green and other project implementation, coupled with agricultural technical personnel package village joint guidance, rice, corn production key technology in place Higher rate.
During the summer planting period due to sufficient paddy field water resources, dry soil moisture is generally better, agricultural organization scheduling effective, agricultural measures in place, rice planting and dry crop planting progress smoothly, fast progress, good quality, the main period only half a month Of the time, basically done a full seedling. According to the Provincial Agricultural Technology Extension Station, rice and maize are better than last year. This year the province’s rice pests and diseases were generally medium, due to publicity, monitoring, prevention and control measures in place, pest hazards are effectively controlled, did not have a serious impact on production.