The national cultivated land has an area of 2.024 billion mu of new construction land area increased

2016 national land change survey of the main data show that the current national arable land to maintain an area of 20.24 million mu, the country’s new construction land area has increased.

According to the relevant provisions of the Land Administration Law and the Land Survey Regulations, the Ministry of Land and Resources organized the 2016 National Land Change Survey. It published results show that as of the end of 2016, 31 provinces and autonomous regions of the city arable land of 20.24 million mu, garden 214 million mu, 37.94 billion mu of forest land, grassland 32.90 billion mu, urban and village and industrial and commercial land 477 million mu, 0.57 million mu, water and water conservancy facilities land area of 4.90 billion mu, the other for other land.

Compared with the end of 2015, the national agricultural land area of the net reduction of 493.5 million mu, of which a net reduction of 115.3 million mu of arable land; construction land net increase of 751.1 million mu, of which 80.90 million new construction land area, net reduction of 257.6 million mu.

According to reports, 2016 national new construction land area has increased. This year the country’s new construction land area of 809.0 million mu, compared with 2015, increased 34.4 million mu. Among them, the highway, railway and other infrastructure projects increased area of land, increased by 30.7% and 102.8%, respectively, and mainly concentrated in the western region.

Mining land in the country generally showed incremental slowdown, the central region the most obvious, a decline of 40.2%. Change survey data show that in 2016, through the deepening of the “discharge service” reform, improve and optimize the land approval, to carry out key projects green channel, to protect major investment projects in a timely manner to protect the steady growth of land, and promote economic growth to maintain a reasonable range.