Agrinos recently announced a new distribution partnership with organic crop care product provider Geolife Agritech India Pvt. Ltd.
The partnership will increase the availability of Agrinos’ unique and proprietary High Yield Technology (HYT®) biological crop solutions to organic farmers in India. Geolife Agritech, which will sell Bactogang powered by Agrinos’ HYT A product, is a fast growing organization focused on offering unique products to support organic produce, vegetable and grain farmers throughout India.
“Agrinos is pleased to work with an innovative partner, such as Geolife Agritech, as we strive to support the rapidly growing organic agriculture industry throughout India and worldwide,” said Indranil Das, Vice President for Agrinos Asia. “Our partnership will allow us to reach farmers who have a strong interest in maintaining optimal soil health to support vigorous plant production to meet the growing consumer demand for organic foods. Agrinos is excited to strengthen our local presence by offering our effective and globally proven crop input solutions to Indian growers.”
Bactogang powered HYT® A is produced by a proprietary fermentation process of naturally occurring soil-borne microbes. The microbial community used to produce HYT A contains a robust consortium of microbes, which enables HYT A to create an enhanced crop nutritional environment.
“We’re excited to celebrate this new partnership with Agrinos, which aligns with Geolife’s approach of introducing innovative products to support organic farming in India.” said Vinod Lahoti, Managing Director with Geolife Agritech. “In India, biological products are rapidly gaining market presence and the entire Geolife team is excited about the opportunity to provide Agrinos’ technology and advanced biological products to Indian farmers.”