China’s agricultural product quality and safety pass rate of 97.8%

Recently, the reporter learned from the Ministry of Agriculture: In 2017, the overall pass rate of routine quality and safety monitoring of agricultural products in the country reached 97.8%, an increase of 0.3 percentage point as compared with the same period of last year. The quality and safety of agricultural products maintained a steady and favorable trend. At the National Conference on Promoting Agriculture through Quality Agriculture to Promote Agriculture, the year of agriculture quality year 2018 was officially launched with a series of measures such as the production standardization promotion action, the agricultural brand promotion action, and the production and operation main body capacity enhancement action. The next step will be to study and formulate and implement the strategic plan for agriculture of national quality, strengthen evaluation and assessment, and promote the local government to include the key indicators of quality agriculture in the assessment of government performance. Among them, policy creation should shift from yield-oriented to quality-oriented, and the assessment methods should shift from the total assessment to the assessment of quality and efficiency.