Sep 09

East Africa steps up fight against crippling maize disease

               East African nations are making steady progress in the battle against a crippling maize disease that’s ravaging crops in the region. Maize Lethal Necrosis (MLN), which can cause total crop loss if not controlled, has plagued the

Sep 01

Monsanto: Six new DEKALB® Disease Shield™ corn products to be launched for 2017 growing season in US

             Farmers face the risk of major yield loss from corn diseases in any given season, but they will have a new defense in 2017 with the debut of DEKALB® Disease Shield™ corn products. Six new DEKALB Disease Shield products are being i

Aug 31

Vietnam agricultural seed market worth billions of dollars

        Vietnam has to import billions of dollars worth of products every year. Analysts, considering the stable two-digit growth rate of the market, have predicted that market value may reach $1.7 billion by 2020, while demand for merchandise seeds

Aug 24

Philippine researchers addressing the threats of cassava phytoplasma disease

          Cassava phytoplasma disease (CPD) is a current serious threat to the country’s cassava industry.           When the plant is CPD-infected, it shows yellowing or reddening of leaves, shrinking of the internodes resulting in stunted g

Aug 16

Australia to approve Bayer’s GM cotton lines

           The Australian Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) is currently assessing licence application DIR 143 from Bayer CropScience Pty Ltd for a commercial release of two types of GM cotton: GlyTol® cotton and GlyTol TwinLink Plu

Aug 16

Brazil’s soybean acreage to expand 1.5% in 2016/17

        Brazilian farmers are allowed to start planting their 2016/17 soybean crop starting September 15th and it is estimated that the 2016/17 Brazilian soybean acreage will expand 1.5 % compared to last year. If verified, it would be the smallest

Aug 02

President Obama signs bill mandating GMO labeling in US

        A bill that creates a federal labeling standard for foods containing genetically modified ingredients (commonly called GMOs) was signed into law by President Barack Obama on July 29.         “This measure will provide new opportunities

Aug 01

High oleic soybean oil passes the test

          As part of a recent test of high oleic soybean oil in a Purdue University dining hall, chefs witnessed the oil’s excellent stability and other positive performance attributes in a product without trans fat. Today, the university is just

Jul 18

UK extended Bayer’s fungicide Infinito to leek and salad onion

          The UK Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD) has issued an EAMU (extension of authorisation for minor use) permitting use of Bayer's fungicide Infinito (fluopicolide + propamocarb) on an extended range of allium crops.           T

Jul 12

Anuvia Plant Nutrients opens $98 million facility to serve agriculture and turf markets in US

           Anuvia Plant Nutrients announces the opening of its environmentally friendly, enhanced efficiency fertilizer production facility in the central Florida town of Zellwood. The state-of-the-art $98 million plant started production in April