Sep 08

Global cereal output heading for a new record, lifting consumption and stocks

Keywords: FAO , cereal , price Global food prices dipped in August. Mainly because the prospect of bumper cereal harvests pushed up expectations for larger grain inventories. The FAO Food Price Index declined 1.3 percent from July, averaging 176.6 poin

Sep 08

Peruvian agrochemical market to touch US$220 mn in 2017

The sales of agrochemicals in Peru should reach US$220 million in 2017, according to CultiVida, a non-profit association maintained by the largest companies in the sector. If the projection is confirmed, the industry performance would represent an incre

Sep 07

China targets farm waste as a ‘clean’ power source

Keywords: China , farm waste , organic fertiliser China will pay farmers to turn animal poo into fertiliser and power, the Ministry of Agriculture said on Wednesday. Because Beijing cracks down on agricultural pollution that has for years leaked into riv

Aug 30

Mycogen Seeds launches hybrids with Enlist™ trait to meet farmers’ needs

Keywords: Mycogen Seeds , hybrid corn , Enlist , weed control For the 2017-18 season, the Mycogen® brand corn portfolio features more new, advanced genetics than ever before. Plus, for the first time, Mycogen brand hybrids include the Enlist™ trait s

Aug 29

Pakistan losing $200 million due to fruit fly

Keywords: Pakistan , fruit fly , fruits , vegetables , crop pest Pakistan is losing $200 million annually due to fruit fly. Fruit fly is a serious threat to export of fruits and vegetables. It was said by agricultural experts during a seminar organised

Aug 28

China Intelligent Agglomeration Service Alliance was established in Beijing

August 26, China Intelligent Agglomeration Service Alliance was established in Beijing, held the same year, "wisdom of agricultural services Forum" and "China's intelligent agricultural services demonstration and extension project" launch ceremony. The al

Aug 28

India not keeping pace with peers like China in adopting farm tech: US official

Keywords: India , China , biotechnology , innovative farm technologies , crop yield Today a US embassy official said that India is not keeping pace with its peers like China in adopting innovative farm technologies, especially biotechnology. He caution

Aug 26

India agriculture exports may grow to $100 billion by 2022

Indian agricultural sector has potential to double farmer income and grow exports to $100 billion by 2022 from the present $36 billion, according to industry experts. "India ranks second globally in agricultural production at $367 billion and we have pot

Aug 26

China allocates funds to develop eco-agriculture

Keywords: eco-agriculture China has earmarked 605 million yuan (around 90 million U.S. dollars) from the central budget to bolster eco-agriculture. The Ministry of Finance (MOF) said in a statement Tuesday that the funds will be used for 61 circular pro

Aug 25

World Bank finances China’s farmland pollution control

Keywords: farmland pollution The World Bank is to lend 100 million U.S. dollars to a program to reduce heavy metal pollution in China's largest rice-producing province. Cao Wendao is the bank's senior agriculture economist. He said: "This project is th