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Apr 26

There are 150 demonstration counties of fruit and vegetable tea and organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer in China

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry today learned at the implementation meeting of the National Fruit and Vegetable Tea Organic Fertilizer Replacement Chemical Fertilizer Promotion Conference held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province: This year, the

Apr 20

This year’s nitrogen fertilizer market situation will be better than last year

On April 19, the 2018 Nitrogenous Fertilizer Industry Working Meeting and the Fourth Session of the Sixth China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association were held in Beijing. The China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association stated that the overall situa

Apr 19

Potash fertilizer market spread widening between high and low prices

The international potash fertilizer market is currently a sunny day. The foreign investors' psychological outlook is expected to continue to be fine. The mainstream supply and demand prices in all continents are bullish. Zhongyu Information analyst Li Jin

Apr 18

China’s pesticide industry status: science and technology content is too low

The capacity for technological innovation is weak, and the level of technology and equipment is low. The varieties of pesticides are still mainly imitation, and the majority of companies' R&D investment accounts for less than 1% of sales revenue; ther

Apr 16

Pesticide use in China has increased negatively for 3 consecutive years

On April 9, the 50th annual meeting of the International Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues (CCPR) was held in Haikou, Hainan Province. This conference is the twelfth conference hosted by China. The conference has 13 issues. The Codex Alimentarius Resi

Apr 10

Big data of phosphorus compound Fertilizer Industry announced in 2017

On April 9, the 2018 Sulfur and Fertilizer Market Symposium was held in Beijing. The meeting released data on the operation of China's phosphorus and compound fertilizer industry in 2017. According to the published data, the total output of phosphate fert

Apr 09

Preparation and active compound both rose in price This year’s pesticide prices are a bit expensive

According to the Voice of Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers in China, the pesticide market entered a sales season in March. Recently, the reporter visited the market and found that the enthusiasm of farmers to buy pesticides has not been as high as in

Apr 03

The use of pesticides in Anhui declined for three consecutive years

In recent years, Anhui Province has vigorously promoted the green prevention and control of crop pests and diseases, and the overall prevention and control rule. In 2017, 27.6% of the province’s crop pests and diseases were covered by the green, the rul

Apr 02

Application of Fertilizer Formula for soil Measurement in Jilin Province

Recently, the reporter learned from the Jilin Provincial Agriculture Commission that in order to implement the strategy of “stabilizing grain in the ground, storing grain in technology” and “zero growth in chemical fertilizers”, the Soil Fertilize

Mar 30

Chinese fungicide registration structure is being optimized

From March 23 to 24, the third meeting on the development and application of fungicides was held in Shijiazhuang. The reporter learned from the meeting that the structure of China's fungicides registered products has been optimized in recent years. In the