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Jul 31

Strengthen drug resistance management to improve the “life”

          May be a lot of farmers have found that some of the effective fungicides are more and more weak on the disease control now  , which is because the people lack the scientific use of pesticide technology, the phenomenon of pesticide abus

Jul 28

Compound fertilizer: procurement of raw materials mixed in autumn

          Recently, the compound fertilizer market is getting warmer, although the introduction of individual large enterprises in the autumn fertilizer price concessions larger, but also for the autumn fertilizer sales to do a good move. The re

Jul 27

Note that these five kinds of pesticides out of the new management policy!

         All along, our country is constantly on the pesticide products for the audit of the experiment, easy to cause serious accidents of highly toxic and highly toxic pesticides is taken to prohibit treatment. According to the latest policy,

Jul 26

A variety of factors restricting the development of organic fertilizer, need to force

        In recent years, the development of organic fertilizer in full swing, with organic fertilizer instead of fertilizer to carry out, leaving organic fertilizer ushered in the development opportunities, but some farmers still do not buy organic

Jul 25

Green fungicide into a rapid growth point

         July 20 to 21, by the China Plant Protection Society Plant Protection Products Promotion Committee and the China Chemical Industry News "Agricultural Guide" co-sponsored green fungicide and crop health summit forum held in Hefei, more tha

Jul 21

Our scientists have developed a recoverable pH controlled release pesticide

Recently, Hefei Institute of Physical Science and Technology Institute of Technology and Biological Engineering researcher Wu Zhengyan research group developed a recoverable pH controlled release pesticides, can significantly improve the utilization of pe

Apr 05

China News

China News

Apr 01

Our company participated in the 2014 Fourteenth National Pesticide Seminar

2014 Fourteenth National Pesticide Seminar held in Shanghai, the exhibition lasted a total of three days (29-31 October). I set up a booth 1K19-20. Participate in the exhibition, publicity for our company, expanding foreign trade business, understand the