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Aug 17

Reduce the amount of agrochemical, develop more green”

             In recent years, Shandong Juxian Bureau of Agriculture adhere to the concept of green development, vigorously promote the ecological cycle of agricultural construction, and actively contest the project to promote green control tec

Aug 15

Seize the opportunity to develop micro-fertilizer

         China faces serious problems of cultivated land quality and lack of trace elements. China's low-yield fields accounted for more than 70% of the total arable land, most of which lack of trace elements, so that the kinds of agricultural pro

Aug 14

Pesticide market in the fourth quarter or will usher in a good

          Since the second half of 2016 after the beginning of environmental verification, the pesticide market has entered a "suspended animation" state, a variety of pesticide products are in short supply, the price is all the way up, but the v

Aug 11

China ‘s diammonium exports to meet the test again

         August 4, the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade Competition Authority issued a resolution, since August 19, 2017, Vietnam will import diammonium phosphate and ammonium phosphate levy 185.579 million VND / ton (about 81.65 US dolla

Aug 10

Pesticide mix notes

          Winter shed indoor disease, spray times, many farmers in order to reduce the number of spray, reduce labor intensity, each spray is mixed with a variety of pesticides. Pesticide species too much,  when mixed prone to problems, need sp

Aug 08

Pesticide and nitrogen fertilizer industry among them

         Ministry of Environmental Protection recently released "fixed pollution source pollution permit classification management list (2017 edition)". Ministry of Environmental Protection Planning and Finance Department of the responsible person

Aug 07

Methods of improving pesticide use

            Scientific use of pesticides to control crop diseases and insect pests, is to ensure that agricultural production of high quality, high yield and efficient one of the important means. However, due to the current majority of rural ar

Aug 03

A new round of green inspectors left the fall of the fertilizer market

         The Ministry of Environmental Protection has launched a new round of environmental inspectors, this round of inspectors will strictly control the "scattered pollution" enterprises as one of the key elements of intensive supervision, can n

Aug 02

What is the golden rule for safe medication?

            Agricultural services industry in order to sustained and healthy development, we must balance the economic responsibility and social responsibility. The relevant government departments to develop policies and regulations to ensure t

Aug 01

Floating pesticide granule was born

          Agriculture to develop can not be separated from the help of various types of efficient pesticide products, production and development of safe and efficient new formulations of pesticides for agricultural development has a huge role in