Recently, it was learned from the Zhejiang Green Control and Prevention Promotion Site meeting that in the past three years, Zhejiang Province has created 24 integrated demonstration counties (cities, districts) with a demonstration area of ​​2.32 million mu; the application area of ​​green prevention and control technology reached 6.94 million mu. , an increase of 34.2%.
As the only national agricultural sustainable development pilot demonstration zone promoted by the whole province, Zhejiang agricultural green prevention and control continues to be at the forefront of the country. At present, the agricultural departments at all levels in the province have successively studied and integrated the green prevention and control technologies for eight crop pests such as rice, vegetables and tea trees.
Controlled pests and diseases, and reduced pesticides. According to reports, the current use of early rice and continuous cropping late rice in Zhejiang’s green prevention and control demonstration area has been reduced by 2 to 3 times, and the pesticide use per unit area has been reduced by more than 30%. The use of chemical pesticides in the province has continued to decline for 7 consecutive years. The promotion of green prevention and control technology has also created a large number of green agricultural products brands for Zhejiang.
According to the relevant person in charge of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture, by 2020, the province will create 500 high-level green prevention and control demonstration bases, and the province’s agricultural green development first county green prevention and control coverage rate should reach more than 40%, provincial-level agricultural green development The green prevention and control coverage rate of the advance zone should reach 60% or more.