July 11~15, by Nantong Jiangshan Pesticide Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Qida Agricultural Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Baoling Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Haoyin Wein Agrochemical Co., Ltd., Rudong Zhongyi Chemical Co., Ltd. The delegation consisting of pesticide companies and other companies visited the chemical parks in Shenyang, Benxi, Huludao and Yingkou.

The delegation learned that in 2017, the total output value of pesticides in Liaoning Province was about 1.3 billion yuan, and the proportion of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides was 60%, 20% and 20% respectively. Mengwei, deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial Plant Protection Station and Liaoning Provincial Pesticide Testing Station, said: “There are 68 pesticide companies in the province, and about 70% of the pesticide companies are not in the park. The provincial government will scientifically plan and optimize the layout of the pesticide industry. Accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading In addition, there are currently 14 provincial-level chemical parks in the province, and welcome the development of pesticide companies from other provinces.”

Niu Jinchun, director of Huludao Economic Development Zone, said that as one of the earliest development areas of Liaoning coastal economic belt, the infrastructure of the whole park is relatively complete, and the location advantage is obvious. The fine chemical park mainly based on pesticide and chemical industry is a key development project of the development zone. one.

Wu Yong, deputy director of the Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base Management Committee, said that since the end of 2016, the Park Management Committee has worked closely with the Provincial Pesticide Industry Association and the Pesticide Development and Application Association to treat agrochemical enterprises as the key direction of the development of chemical parks. one. Up to now, more than 20 agrochemical enterprises have visited the park to discuss and inspect. At present, there are nearly 10 households with intentions to settle down. The management committee is in the process of comprehensive evaluation of the application enterprises and unified planning. I believe that a batch of projects will be launched in the near future.