In recent years, due to the influence of policy factors, the driving rate of pesticide intermediates has dropped significantly. From 2011 to 2016, the output and demand of pesticide intermediates in China showed an increasing trend, but the growth rate gradually declined. In 2016, the intermediate production of pesticides in China was 491 tons, down 0.41% year-on-year; the demand was 4.75 million tons, down 1.04% year-on-year; the capacity and demand in 2017 were about 5.04 million tons and 4.65 million tons respectively.


Based on previous years’ data and environmental protection policy planning, forward-looking calculations, the production of pesticide intermediates will grow at a lower rate in the next few years. In the past three years, the use of pesticides in China has continued to decline. In order to achieve the goal of zero growth in pesticide use, downstream demand for pesticide intermediates is limited. The emergence of high value-added products will increase the value of unit products and market prices. Looking into the future, in 2023, the intermediate production of pesticides in China is about 5.3 million tons; according to the current average price of pesticide intermediates market of 500 yuan / kg, by 2023, the market size of pesticide intermediates is about 2.7 trillion yuan.