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Aug 16

Indian pesticide tax to 18%

           In India, the 18% levy on goods and services for pesticides raises common concerns among farmers and producers. The firm believes that this will increase the cost of agricultural inputs. Since pesticides are indispensable in controlli

Aug 15

Compound fertilizer survive in a fissure

In mid-August, after the first wave of hot collection, the autumn fertilizer market into the flat, the new single increase is relatively slow, the majority of enterprises in the implementation of pre-orders, generally can be sent to mid to late August, ac

Aug 10

High temperature rain pests and diseases to stimulate the demand for pesticide market

Since July this year, the country more than high temperature and rainy weather, is conducive to the occurrence of pests and diseases, rice planthoppers, rice blast, sheath blight and other diseases and insect pests increased, thus boosting the demand for

Aug 09

Vietnam has adopted temporary safeguard measures for imported fertilizer products

         Ministry of Commerce Trade Relief Investigation Bureau issued a news that the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade Competition Authority announced on August 4 issued a preliminary assessment of fertilizer measures, the import of fert

Aug 08

Microbial pesticide use precautions

1, The appropriate temperature. Some farmers in the application of microbial living pesticides, do not pay attention to environmental factors, do not choose the appropriate conditions of temperature application, the temperature is too high, the temperatur

Aug 04

Special review of 2,4-D finished in Canada

          The Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has concluded that there are no reasonable grounds to believe that the human health and environmental risks of products containing all forms of 2,4-D currently registered in Canada a

Aug 03

Brazil imports 3,000 tons of imidacloprid in H1

Brazil imported 3,000 tons of imidacloprid during the first semester of 2017, according to the portal Global Agrochemicals. The volume shipped registered a slight growth of 0.3%, compared with the same period of last year. China continues to be a major

Aug 01

Brazilian government changes rules on agrochemicals imports

The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture has established new technical-administrative procedures for the import of agrochemicals, technical products and related goods. The announcement was made through Normative Instruction No. 26 of the Agricultural Protec

Jul 27

New fertilizer concept requires technical support, products need channel promotion

Autumn fertilizer affected by fluctuations in prices, dealers will not be strong stock, and more can be used to quickly realize the "with the buy with the sale" mode of operation. Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the government sector subsidy policy to promote the

Jul 25

Strengthen resistance management to promote the efficiency of fungicide

At present, in the comprehensive prevention and control of pests, chemical control still occupies a very important position. Grasping the mechanism of action of different fungicides, control spectrum, mode of action and resistance risk and resistance mech