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Jun 20

US EPA to revamp pesticide evaluations

The US Environmental Protection Agency is taking another stab at revising its process for assessing the risks of pesticides to endangered species. The move comes after manufacturers of three organophosphate insecticides urged the agency to abandon an appr

Jun 18

Portuguese companies CEV and Lusosem will launch BLAD biofungicide in Europe

Portuguese company CEV has partnered with Lusosem to launch the biofungicide PROBLAD PLUS in Europe. PROBLAD PLUS is a biological defensive for agriculture whose active principle is a new protein called BLAD, obtained from the germination process of the

Jun 17

Brazil Anvisa extends public consultation period for glyphosate re-evaluation

The National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) has extended for 30 days the deadline for sending contributions to the public consultation regarding the re-evaluation of the herbicide glyphosate . The new deadline is July 8. The decision was taken by

Jun 13

U.S. EPA Curbs Use of 12 Bee-Harming Pesticides

The Environmental Protection Agency has canceled registration of a dozen pesticides, from a class of chemicals known to harm bees. The cancellations are effective as of May 20 for 12 neonicotinoid-based products produced by Syngenta, Valent, and Bayer.

Jun 12

Tightening regulatory restrictions on GMO crops leading to declining Glyphosate demand in developed regions

According to a recently published report on Glyphosate Market, projects that the glyphosate market revenues will reach the US$ 4.5 Bn mark by 2019 end. The global market revenues through sales of glyphosate products are likely to increase at an approximat

Jun 11

California bans chlorpyrifos after citing negative health effects

California has moved to ban the widely used pesticide chlorpyrifos, linking its use to the development of neurological problems in infants and children. Chlorpyrifos is used on a number of produce nationwide, including almonds, citrus, cotton, grapes and

Jun 03

India centre recommends ‘unapproved’ seed treatment Cyantraniliprole and Thiamethoxam to against Fall Armyworm

India central government has come out with a controversial chemical solution to control the crop-destroying Fall Armyworm (FAW) or Spodoptera frugiperda — which has been destroying maize crops across India. During the annual National Conference on Agri

May 30

South Africa’s first licensed crop-spraying drones take flight

A crop-spraying drone has taken its first legal flight in South Africa - a big breakthrough which could radically transform farming in South Africa. After a lengthy process, the DJI drone (the AGRAS MG-1P model) was allowed to fly earlier this month. The

May 29

Canada restricts uses of acephate

The registration of certain uses of insecticide acephate in Canada is proposed for cancellation. Other labelled uses of acephate are proposed for continued registration with mitigation measures to protect human health and/or the environment. Acephate is

May 28

UK-Pakistan to produce biopesticides in Pakistan

UK-Pakistan Science and Innovation Global Network (UPSIGN) jointly hosted a two day workshop to develop bio-control strategies and produce biopesticides in Pakistan and to address the mounting concerns of food safety and security. Scientists and research