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May 27

Paraguay updates regulation for land transportation of agrochemicals

The National Plant and Seed Quality and Health Service (SENAVE) updated regulations for the transport of active ingredients and formulated agrochemical products in the national territory of Paraguay. The current legislation was in effect for twelve years.

May 23

PGR carvone got EU renewal approval

The approval of the plant growth regulator carvone is renewed by the European Commission. The approval will apply from 1 August 2019 and expire on 31 July 2034. Member States shall pay particular attention to: - the protection of operators, ensuring

May 22

Brazil Anvisa releases 2,4-D with application restrictions

Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency, the Anvisa, concluded the re-evaluation of 2,4-D and has decided to maintain the approval of the herbicide in the Brazilian market. The analysis of the scientific studies and data on the use of the agrochemi

May 20

EU restricts use of acaricide cyflumetofen

The European Commission issued new restrictions on acaricide, cyflumetofen, the member states were required to withdraw or amend authorisations for plant protection products containing cyflumetofen as active substance by 30 November 2019 at the latest. An

May 16

US California jury hits Bayer with $2 billion award in Roundup cancer trial

A California jury on Monday awarded more than $2 billion to a couple who claimed Bayer AG’s glyphosate -based Roundup weed killer caused their cancer, in the largest U.S. jury verdict to date against the company in litigation over the chemical. The la

May 14

France announces end of glyphosate use by 202

Report Highlights: Agriculture Minister Didier Guillaume confirmed that France would eliminate glyphosate use by 2021 with limited exceptions. Additionally he announced that France plans to cut pesticide, insecticide and fungicide usage in half by 2025. H

May 10

Crops suffered intensified drought in India Maharashtra

In Maharashtra India drought has intensified with 18.51 per cent live storage left in dams, 8.5 lakh livestock in fodder camps and 12,000 villages and hamlets depending on water tankers. Around 82 lakh farmers are affected by the drought. Talking abou

May 09

New Zealand EPA consults on import of ISK’s fungicide KUSABI

The New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is calling for submissions on an application to import for release the new fungicide KUSABI (active ingredient: pyriofenone) for the control of powdery mildew. Submissions close on 18 June 2019. Th

May 06

New York bans chlorpyrifos −− Chlorpyrifos, linked to intellectual disabilities in children, will be phased out 2021

Legislators recently approved Senate bill S5343 and Assembly bill A2477B, which ban chlorpyrifos in New York. This is a major victory for children’s health and puts New York on track to become by 2021 the first state in the country to end the use of chl

May 05

Eden Research’s Cedroz product gains temporary authorisation in Italy

Eden Research PLC said last Friday its nematicide product being sold as Cedroz had been granted "emergency use" authorisation in Italy for 120 days. Eden explained its commercial partner in the country, Eastman Chemical Co, which sells the nematicide un