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Sep 14

Fertilizer innovation should focus on improving utilization

As the world's largest producer and consumer of nitrogen fertilizer, China's nitrogen fertilizer utilization rate is only 25% to 35%, which is 15% to 30% lower than that of European and American countries. It is not only a huge economic waste, but also ca

Sep 12

The use of chemical pesticides in Zhejiang Province continued to decline for 7 consecutive years.

Recently, it was learned from the Zhejiang Green Control and Prevention Promotion Site meeting that in the past three years, Zhejiang Province has created 24 integrated demonstration counties (cities, districts) with a demonstration area of ​​2.32 mil

Sep 10

Northern rice fertilizer “two reductions” project started in Shenyang

On September 1st, the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Shenyang Agricultural University jointly held a special “two reductions” project for

Sep 03

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas plans to ban four high-toxic and high-risk pesticides such as phorate

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has publicly solicited opinions and plans to issue a notice to ban the four high-toxic and high-risk pesticides such as phorate. It is understood that phorate, aldicarb and acesulfame are highly tox

Aug 09

2019 World Phosphate Fertilizer and Compound Fertilizer Industry Development Conference is scheduled to be held in Beijing

After more than one hundred years of development, the world phosphate and fertilizer industry has gone through a development path from low concentration to high concentration, from single variety to composite variety, from small batch to continuous large-

Aug 02

Chunleimycin was first registered on peach trees

On July 24th, 20% Chunreimycin water-dispersible granules applied by Shandong Rushan Hanwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. were approved for registration. The registered crops and control objects were peach tree brown spot perforation, and the recommended drug c

Jul 30

How to pay for compound fertilizer

In late July, the progress of autumn fertilizer collection in the compound fertilizer enterprises in the Central Plains and parts of the south was blocked. Most enterprises reported that the recent collection was very slow. Compared with the beginning of

Jul 27

Hubei harmless treatment of 326 tons of pesticide waste

Recently, the Hubei Provincial Environmental Protection Department and the Agriculture Department have unified and harmlessly treated 326 tons of pesticide waste, and changed it to “harmful” through high-temperature incineration.     &nbs

Jul 25

Forecast: In the next few years, the production of pesticide intermediates will grow at a lower rate to 2.7 trillion in the intermediate market in 2023.

In recent years, due to the influence of policy factors, the driving rate of pesticide intermediates has dropped significantly. From 2011 to 2016, the output and demand of pesticide intermediates in China showed an increasing trend, but the growth rate gr

Jul 24

Pesticide companies went to Liaoning to inspect chemical parks

July 11~15, by Nantong Jiangshan Pesticide Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Qida Agricultural Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Baoling Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Haoyin Wein Agrochemical Co., Ltd., Rudong Zhongyi Chemical Co., Ltd. The delegation consisting of pes