August 26, China Intelligent Agglomeration Service Alliance was established in Beijing, held the same year, “wisdom of agricultural services Forum” and “China’s intelligent agricultural services demonstration and extension project” launch ceremony. The alliance by the China Green Agriculture Union, China Green Eco-Environmental Protection Union led the joint Shandong Zhixing Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., Hebei Silicon Valley fertilizer industry and other well-known agricultural enterprises jointly set up to build modern agricultural cultivation under the conditions of intelligent agriculture Service new model, get through the heart of agriculture into the village households “the last mile.”

“China’s wisdom agricultural services demonstration and extension project” to integrate high-quality agricultural technology resources, modern agricultural equipment and equipment resources, the Internet and information media resources as a means to special vehicles as the carrier to the technical support of the technical team of experts to meet all kinds of agriculture The new management of the main agricultural services to the intelligent needs, personalized needs, mobile demand, experience the demand. The service content includes expert agrochemical services, intelligent agricultural service equipment supply, information system development and services, financial and credit docking services, certification consulting and agency services. “The promotion and development of China ‘s intelligent agricultural service is a huge social system project that requires the support of social forces,” said Song Guocheng, executive vice president of China Green Agriculture Alliance.