Value-added fertilizer usher in the outbreak

            Into 2018, value-added fertilizer has been promoted in China for ten years. Since December 5, 2012, “fertilizer value-added technology innovation alliance” was established more than five years. It is reported that the current coalition members have 60 units, of which 43 are large urea, ammonium phosphate and compound fertilizer business members, production capacity reached 12 million tons. The value-added fertilizer aimed at weight loss and efficiency will soon usher in the outbreak.
            Value-added fertilizer is relying on humic acid, amino acids (food industry fermentation products), seaweed extract and other technologies, urea, ammonium phosphate, compound fertilizer (water-soluble fertilizer) and other bulk fertilizer modified synergistic to enhance the overall performance of products and Features. According to Zhao Bingqiang, chief scientist of the Alliance for Technological Innovation in Fertilizer Value-added Industries, the value-added fertilizer technology has become an important support to promote the upgrading of China’s fertilizer industry. At the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan period, all kinds of value-added fertilizers are expected to reach 20 million tons. The value-added fertilizer phalanx, which is dominated by the traditional large-scale fertilizer enterprises, has taken shape.
            As a traditional ammonium phosphate plant, Guizhou Wengfu Group has also made frequent efforts on value-added fertilizers in recent years. By adding various value-added and efficiency-enhancing substances, the efficiency of using ammonium phosphate and compound fertilizers is increased.
            Jiangxi Kaimenzi Fertilizer Co., Ltd. in the field of value-added fertilizers are also scrambling. They and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences jointly set up alginate acid fertilizer application engineering research center. Within two years, the value-added fertilizer of Kaimenzi will reach 1 million tons and rank among the first camps of China’s value-added fertilizers.
            China’s first zinc fulvic acid compound fertilizer manufacturers — Chunhua Group’s Chunhua Ecological Engineering Co., Ltd. is in the value-added fertilizer put into operation four years after the occurrence of pupal change into a butterfly. The company achieved by the traditional chemical fertilizers plant full-price nutrition experts and plantation solutions provider.
            In the face of favorable policies, technical support, product advantages and national planning goals, the “Agricultural Information Guide” and the Alliance for Fertilizer Value-Added Technology Innovation, 2018 China Value Added Fertilizer Peasants, launched in 2018 with the theme of “Ten Years of Value Added Roads Entering a New Era” Large-scale exhibition tour.
            The large-scale exhibition tour will cover first-line press visits by reporters and continuous and solid research reports. The large-scale exhibitions will showcase the effects of value-added fertilizers on agricultural production and peasants’ income increase. Through the media’s strong credibility, communication power and influence, The rapid development of value-added fertilizer industry to promote the rapid growth of value-added fertilizer companies.