Seed coating agent season is not flourishing, who has?

           The end of August and the beginning of September this year is the seed sales season, but this year I contacted a few companies and dealers learned that seed coating market or cold clear, business promotion will be less, the channel is not active, farmers do not ask, No longer in previous years of fire scene. The reason is: the enterprise over-publicity products, so that farmers feel exaggerated, and even feel fooled.
           Before and after 2010, China’s seed coating market trend, domestic seed coating products mushroomed, mostly the name of “labor, time, money”, “disease prevention, pest control, increase production” slogan. The scene will be to observe the meeting will continue, publicity single page, brush wall, banners Qi battle, so that farmers feel “lack of what can not lack seed dressing agent.”
           But the reality is cruel. The rapid development of the seed coating market has also brought a lot of negative effects. In 2015, a domestic company in the northeast corn recommended the use of seed coating agent seed seedling rate is very low, facing high compensation; the same year in September, a domestic enterprise due to product quality problems recalled its production of 1,000 tons of seed coating products.
           A painful lesson, so that enterprises stop, so that channels to wait and see, so that farmers disappointed. The reason, I believe that there are three. First of all, the market quality of formal products less, and no-name products are numerous. Seed dressing agent, the brand, the homophone word, homophone, dazzling. Pesticide production enterprises in the face of profit and market selling point of the pursuit of quick success, have launched the seed coat production line, only after a simple formula selection, dosage form processing, performance evaluation and other aspects of the rush listing to seize the seed coating market. China to bulk material, seed coating products according to different regions to develop different formulations. Northeast and North China with the same seed coating formula, due to crop emergence and pest control will be affected by the seed itself, soil moisture, accumulated temperature and other factors, the effect is certainly different.
           Second, the product homogeneity serious, leading to declining profits, channel operators are not high enthusiasm. Multinational companies rely on the brand, Chinese enterprises rely on quality, small businesses rely on (sloshing) flicker, the domestic seed coating market has formed such a three-tier pattern. With more and more seed coating products on the market, the channel business in the brand, quality and profit choice lost their own, give up but not over-promotion. Once the channel operators do not have the enthusiasm, seed coat market will certainly fall into the quagmire.
           Again, exaggerated propaganda led to the farmers’ income without increasing. “With the seed coat package your season aphid” “seed coating can increase production” and other exaggerated propaganda, so that farmers can not determine the true and false, many farmers used two or three years after the seed coat found “fooled!” “The general 10 grams of seed coat plus additives to 40 yuan, and their own with imidacloprid plus auxiliaries less than 10 dollars.Using seed coating agent production effect is not obvious, it is not worthwhile.” In the face of scientific use and economic benefits, farmers will certainly choose a means of high economic returns.