Our scholars have developed a recyclable pH controlled release pesticide

Reporter learned from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Hefei Institute of Material Science was informed that the Institute of Technology Institute of Science and Technology Wu Zhengyan research group recently developed a recyclable pH controlled release pesticide, can significantly improve pesticide use, reduce pesticide use, reduce pesticide caused by agricultural Source pollution. International chemical industry well-known journal “Chemical Engineering” recently published the research results.

Pesticides on the prevention and control of pests and weeds, to promote grain yield and high yield is very important. China’s annual use of pesticides reached one million tons, but the average utilization rate of only about 30%, most of the pesticides through runoff, leakage, drift and other ways of loss, and cause pollution threat to human health. How to improve the utilization rate of pesticides and reduce the dosage of pesticides has become an important problem to be solved urgently in agriculture and environment.
Recently, Wu Zhengyan researchers research group using diatomaceous earth, iron tetrachloride and other preparation of a composite nano-materials, and as a carrier developed a controlled release, recyclable pesticides. The pesticide can be released by the pH control of pesticides, so that the release rate and demand speed synchronization. At the same time, the carrier can effectively improve the adhesion of pesticides in plant foliage, thus significantly reducing the loss, improve pesticide utilization, extend the duration.
In addition, the technology utilizes an external magnetic field to recover residual pesticides and carriers, greatly reducing the harm of pesticides to the environment, and has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency and environment friendliness.