Four stages of the Development of the Global Pesticide formulation Market

            Reviewing the development of pesticide formulations in our country and in the world can generally be divided into the following four stages of development.
            1. Simple for the effective use of the initial stage
            Tobacco, pyrethrum, rotenone and other plant pesticides era only water (drug extract), powder (plant powder) and burning of fumigants. Inorganic pesticide times are powder (arsenic, arsenate powder and mercury preparations) and lime sulfur mixture and Bordeaux mixture. There is no concept of pesticide formulation and formulation due to the single pesticide variety, with no other adjuvants, and the simultaneous processing of pharmaceuticals and preparations.
            2. Pesticide formulations and preparations of the big stages of development
            DDT, BHC and other organochlorine pesticides and the rise of the petrochemical industry, opened the prelude to large-scale development of pesticide formulations and preparations, appeared powder, wettable powder, soluble powder, milk powder, oil, cream, granules Etc., the promotion and application of pesticides such as organophosphorus, organic nitrogen, pyrethroid, nicotine and macrolide and many bactericides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, rodenticides and the like, and petrochemical products The increase of types greatly promoted the development of organic solvents, emulsifiers and other auxiliaries and the quality improvement of high-content wettable powders and the expansion of new formulations and new formulations of pesticides.
At this point, the development of pesticide formulations and formulations into the heyday of the existing pesticide formulations are mostly produced at this stage, professional pesticide processing plants soared, forming a huge pesticide preparations industry. The main features of this stage of development is to increase dosage forms, improve the effectiveness of pharmaceutical control, and expand the scope of application of pesticides.
             3. Pesticide preparation environmental protection stage
             While banning highly toxic pesticides, it is inevitable that the problem of dusting harmful solvents and dust-type powders used in large quantities in EC will be included in the agenda, whereas aqueous solutions, soluble liquids, microemulsions, aqueous emulsions, suspending agents, microcapsule suspensions Such as water-based formulations and granule, water dispersible granules, dry granules and other granular formulations become the new choice of pesticide formulations. Low-capacity spray, electrostatic spray, aircraft control and other application technology also won the development opportunities.
             The emergence of pesticides such as ultra-high efficiency and ultra-low toxicity insecticides represented by bisamides and the sudden emergence of homemade pesticides in our country are full of confidence in the environmental protection of the whole pesticides.
             4. Pesticide dosage forms and application of technology into a new era
             Pesticide formulations and formulation and application of technology research is still a long way to go. The current trend is that liquid and fluid form to granular solid form conversion, carpet release free release formulations to the local hidden application, controlled release, oriented pharmaceutical tilt, single-function to integrated functional conversion, pesticide application technology Now it has entered a new phase of environmental protection, functionalization, intelligence, labor-saving and precise application of pesticides. This is a golden age for pesticide preparation and application technology workers to work together and make brilliant achievements in combination of the original drugs, preparations and application technologies New Era.