Chinese pesticide has entered the era of creation

            In the past, product imitation is one of the methods of domestic pesticide replacement, but with the pesticide new products, intellectual property protection gradually strengthened, patent protection gradually extended from the compound to the preparation, imitation difficult to further improve. In addition, pesticide regulation to crack down on infringement imitation, for domestic pesticide companies, imitation profit era is over, innovation will be the only way out of pesticide companies.
            From the policy point of view, the recent introduction of the new “Pesticide Management Regulations” in the registration requirements for innovation to facilitate. For example, the new “Regulations” provides that any unit and individual can register innovative components; registered product registration information can be transferred; to allow processing; to speed up the elimination of highly toxic, high-risk pesticide pace.
            At the same time, the new “Regulations” also put forward higher requirements for pesticide innovation. For example, the same active ingredients and dosage forms of single-agent products, the content of the gradient of not more than 3; mixed formulations of the active ingredient no more than 2 species, herbicides, seed treatment agents, pheromones and other active ingredients no more than 3; Dosage form of the same preparation, the ratio of not more than three, the same ratio of the total content of the gradient of not more than three. These regulations add difficulty to the registration of homogeneous products, and further promote the enterprise to carry out product innovation.
            China’s pesticide enterprises can be through the active ingredients to create, the original drug synthesis process transformation, preparation innovation, the use of innovation and so on, to make their own characteristics, in the fierce competition in the market to take the initiative.
            Overall, Chinese pesticides have entered the era of creation. Cyanuric acid ester, Jinggangmycin, tetracycline, thiazole zinc and other creative products have appeared in billion large single product, led a number of domestic enterprises to develop and become the core competitiveness of enterprises. Companies that have the ability to create pesticides or have the ability to buy creative ingredients will be a strong competitor to the future industry.
            Pesticide enterprises should focus on product quality, attention to research and development, attention to the role of additives, so that products can withstand the bad weather, pests and other tests. In innovation, to avoid blindly increase the content, in order to change the dosage form and change the dosage form. Through scientific and rational innovation, access to the stability of good products, to seize the initiative in the future market.