Anhui pushing new product research and development of fruits and vegetables

In recent years, Anhui Provincial Academy of Agricultural Soil and Fertilizer Institute and the provincial vegetable industry technical system for the actual production of vegetable facilities in the province, carried out in various parts of the province of fruits and vegetables efficient fertilization technology, developed a series of special fertilizers for fruits and vegetables.

Reporters in the county and the town of Lvyang vegetable shed to see the use of special fertilizer for fruits and vegetables peppers neat and uniform head, single fruit appearance, quality, yield was significantly better than the surrounding non-demonstration area, the estimated yield of up to 2,500 kg per mu. This new type of fruit and vegetable formula fertilizer planting pepper, not only can significantly reduce the application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, but also an increase of more than 20% per acre. The Anhui Province vegetable formula fertilization field observation meeting, this new technology has received widespread attention.