AGRINOON (FUJIAN) ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE COMPANY LIMITED is a professional agriculture all-in-one company. Our planting base and ecological sightseeing agriculture garden are located in Guifeng village, Youxi County where is famous for splendid culture and long history. We own 100 acres of farmland for both our planting base and ecological sightseeing agriculture garden which is developed and developing now. Our main products are mushrooms such as mushroom spawn, shiitake logs, fresh mushroom and Dried mushroom etc.we also built up the deep processing research institute and factory for all organic vegetables and mushrooms. Our factory has a very professional laboratory, cold storage room, refine processing workshop, baking workshop, various packing workshop, rapid active transportation team, and well-equipped warehouse. We have professional technicians and managers for every department and links. The process, packing, inspection, storage, transportation will be strictly controlled by them to ensure our products are purely green food without any pollution. That also lay a solid foundation for our company for ‘full green’ target. Meanwhile, we built up fungus bag production lines which can offer mushroom farmers excellent fungus bag with spawn, spore, and stain. Check out an aerial view of our planting base and ecological sightseeing agriculture garden are located in Guifeng village.
We regard ‘Safe Agriculture Guarantee Good Health’ as our business philosophy and we focus on the development of green food and healthy food. Edible mushroom contains various amino-acid and the trace element, also contains more protein than most of the vegetables. Edible mushrooms have the effect of anti-cancer, decrease blood pressure, strengthen the stomach, protect the liver, decrease blood sugar, and enhance immunity when you have long-term eating. Agrinoon Ecology regards the pursuit of high-quality life as our own business. We offer all customers best green mushroom food and health concept. We fill with a sense of social responsibility and pay great attention to the environment protection. We process the fungus bag to the organic fertilizer and fodder after farming the mushroom. We make zero pollution for all procedure for mushroom farming and processing. We accomplish the development mode for agriculture recycle economy. We are real green company. Check out our qualification certificate.
We keep learning and absorbing the advanced administration mode and build the most professional sales team in this field to make our company running efficiently. We hold our professional spirit, team-work spirit, struggle spirit, under devotion spirit to inspiring and releasing every staff‘s potential here in Agrinoon. We will make contribution offering safe green food for society and all our clients. “Enterprise and clients are friends. Clients promote enterprise progress constantly” is a component of AGRINOON (FUJIAN) ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE COMPANY LIMITED enterprise culture.

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