Ministry of Agriculture set up a committee of experts on agricultural products nutrition standards

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture set up a Committee of Experts on Agricultural Products Nutrition Standards, which is mainly responsible for the research, formulation, validation, publicity, consultation and international cooperation and exchange of farm products nutrition standards. Chen Mengshan is the chairman of the committee.



The Committee consists of 58 members, Chen Mengshan served as chairman, Wang Xiaohu, Qian Yongzhong, Ding Gangqiang served as vice chairman. Sun Junmao served as Secretary-General, Huang Zhang, Zhu Island, Lu Baiyi Deputy Secretary-General. The Secretariat is assumed to be the Institute of Food and Nutritional Development of the Ministry of Agriculture.



In order to meet the needs of a well-off society and a better life of the masses of the people, the Committee of Experts on Agricultural Products Nutritional Standards was established to meet the requirements of the structural reform and restructuring and upgrading of the agricultural supply side by giving full play to the role of experts in scientific research, teaching, business and testing, Research and formulation of nutrition standards for agricultural products, accelerate the transformation of agriculture from yield-oriented to quality-oriented.