Ministry of Agriculture: crop rotation performance will be carried out to explore institutionalized

On September 8, the Information Office of the Ministry of Agriculture held a press conference on “Pilot Project of Cultivated Land Rotation and Cropping System”. Mr. Zeng Yande, Director of the Department of Plantation of the Ministry of Agriculture, introduced the progress of the pilot project on the cropping system.

According to the introduction, since last year, in accordance with the central deployment and requirements, the Ministry of Agriculture in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission, the Central Agricultural Office and other 10 departments and units in the nine provinces (autonomous regions) solid progress of the cropping system, Positive progress.

Zeng Yande pointed out that through the implementation of grain and bean rotation, fallow area pressure mining, heavy metal pollution remediation management, and promote the planting structure adjustment and agricultural environmental problems governance. First, planting structure optimization. 2016 national grain corn area reduction of more than 3000 million mu, soybean increased by more than 1000 million mu. Corn is expected to reduce the area in 2017 more than 20 million mu, to ease the pressure on corn stocks. Second, the ecological environment to improve. The implementation of corn and soybean rotation, improve soil physical and chemical properties, improve the level of fertility. Fall season planting green manure and other crops, in the wind and sand, water conservation, conservation and other aspects of cultivation has played a positive role. Third, efficient use of resources. Hebei Province underground water funnel area wheat fallowing pilot, an average reduction of 180 cubic meters per mu of water, a total of 320 million cubic meters of groundwater exploitation. Jilin Province in the eastern cool area of the implementation of corn and soybean rotation, 30% per acre diet, about 50% of the drug; in the western drought-prone areas of corn grain crop rotation, about 1/4 of water per acre.

Zeng Yande said that this year’s rotation of the sloping system involving a total of 192 counties (cities), the future normalization, institutionalization, the region and the scale will be further expanded. It is an institutionalized exploration to carry out the planning of the cropping system of cultivated land rotation. The goal is to form a set of reproducible and popular organization, policy system and technical model, and to promote the application at a wider scope and higher level. The next step, the focus should be improved from four aspects.