Beijing has built a total of 88 green control base

In order to let the general public understand the “behind the scenes” work to protect the safety of agricultural products, yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture held for the first time to “green agriculture” for the first time, “As the theme of the” open government day “activities, from various fields in Beijing more than 30 representatives of the public to participate. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that, as of now the city built a total of 88 green control base.
“We are most concerned about is still a security issue, often hear a variety of claims on the safety of agricultural products, really true and false … …” who lives in Jia Ming Tong City, said Li Sulan aunt. In this open day activities, the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture Plant Protection Station Zhou Chunjiang for the public to explain the promotion of green prevention and control technology, including the establishment of insect radars, screening of biological pesticides, natural enemies “to pest control” and so on. According to reports, as of 2017, Beijing has built a total of 88 green control base, Beijing and Tianjin to jointly build three green control demonstration base 220.
In the plant general hospital, the representatives saw the plant doctor on-site admissions of the plant “sick” the whole process, to understand the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture to the whole green control technology as a means to protect the capital of agricultural products quality and safety carried out one Series of technical and legal work. In the testing room, the citizen’s representatives see that the staff is testing the agricultural products that are being inspected on the same day. Technical experts also to the delegates in detail the laboratory testing qualification, testing process, technical strength, equipment and the current commitment to the main task, so that visitors on behalf of zero distance feel the quality of agricultural product safety testing.
It is reported that, in order to close the relationship with the public, the first half of this year, the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture website to take the initiative to open government information 8758, the full text of the electronic format reached 100%, which issued a policy interpretation of 65 times, in response to social hot spots 168 times. Involving government affairs, quality and safety of agricultural products, animal disease prevention and control and other closely related to the interests of the masses of government information. Received a total of 181 cases of counterfeit agricultural complaints, the effective maintenance of the agricultural market order; to provide agricultural information consultation 29219 times, an average of more than 120 working days consultation; hotline experts on duty 612 times, on-site consultation questions 3312 times, The agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income.